Ama, Inc.

Analytical Mechanics Associates, Incorporated (AMA) is an engineering and information technology services provider headquartered in Hampton, VA, USA. AMA has been providing solutions to tough problems for over forty years through the creative integration of engineering and mathematic capabilities with the latest in information technologies and visualization. NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, SAIC, Sandia National Labs, DARPA, Mitsubishi and Siemens Automotive are just some of AMA's partners. AMA has been actively involved in cutting edge missions with NASA including the International Space Station, Hyper-X, Mars Pathfinder, Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers, Mars Odyssey and GRACE. The last two were selected as two of the three most exciting and successful missions by Popular Science in 2002.

In the development of an engineering analysis and visualization tool, called the Synergistic Engineering Environment (SEE), AMA chose the Gizmo3D software as the graphics API. Gizmo3D's unique combination of a high performance C++ scenegraph API, cross platform capabilities, and double precision mathematic support allows the users of the SEE to visualize and analyze a wide spectrum of spacecraft design and operations anywhere in the solar system. This includes millisecond thruster firings during stage separation to long duration missions to the outer planets. The SEE is currently used to support the International Space Station, the next generation of launch vehicles, and future space mission concepts.

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