The software engineers at Saab AB have over the years faced many challenging technical problems as they have built advanced applications for military combat simulation and training. Many years of engineering experience and an insight into the benefits of a reusable tool set based on a general foundation architecture resulted in a number of component libraries. These have become the core in most of our projects. In other words, the component libraries now named GizmoSDK initially emerged as a tool set for internal use.

GizmoSDK contains 7 different libraries:

  • GizmoBase (C++ abstraction hw layer, threads, memory, security)
  • Gizmo3D (2D graphics, 3D graphics, 3D sound)
  • GizmoDistribution (Real-time network distribution of objects and events)
  • GizmoSimulation (Rule based object behavior, scripting)
  • GizmoDynamics (Object dynamics and event generation etc.)
  • GizmoGUI (MMI, Menus, Layout, Plug-in management etc.)
  • GizmoTest (Automated testing)

We welcome professional developers to examine the features of GizmoSDK.

All libraries (GizmoSDK) are used in all Saab AB T&S vis-sim products and are
thoroughly tested and verified. All components can be downloaded and tested for free and we encourage you test and give us feedback about our work.