20 September 2011

GizmoSDK 2.5 now support gen II of Rapid Mapping (RM) maps from Saab. New features like micro terrain and auto generated forrestry is seamlessly integrated into the maps but with maintained high performance.

Images over Kenya




1 March 2010

GizmoSDK 2.5.4 Linux/ARM

GizmoSDK 2.5 updates for Linux i686 and ARM are now available at the download section for GizmoBase and GizmoDistribution.

Added new updated water shader to the built in shaders.




1 March 2010

GizmoSDK 2.5.3

GizmoSDK 2.5 is released to the public community again. Saab Training Systems AB are actively developing the GizmoSDK toolkit but with a closed number of customers. Therefore the public updates sometimes lag and if you are interested you should contact STS to get a fresh update.

The new 2.5 release mainly focus on the new terrain formats used for Saab Rapid Mapping technology and terrain visualizations. Globe applications and distributed massive terrain databases are key features in our future deliveries.


The new data from our company Saab Bofors Dynamics gives us the ability to show extreme detailed maps in GizmoSDK. You can also see some new features like ultra fast trees (1.500.000 at 60 fps)




17 March 2009

GizmoSDK 2.3.3

GizmoSDK 2.3 is released to the public community again. We are working with a number of selected companies to evolve the features of GizmoSDK. We have also been focusing on using GizmoSDK in our own product line. Here´s a screenshot from out map test application that shows large dynamic terrain with analysis features.

The new data from our company Saab Bofors Dynamics gives us the ability to show extreme detailed maps in GizmoSDK. You can also see some new features like ultra fast trees (500.000 at 60 fps)


20 March 2008

GizmoSDK 2.1.1

GizmoSDK 2.1 is released to the public community again. Saab Training Systems AB have released a new version of the Gizmo3D and GizmoBase libraries as well as some new libraries.

GizmoBase has been updated with new xml features, a new bnf scriptable parser that can be used to parse generic file formats, new features for performance monitoring, improved language fixes, new templates etc...

Gizmo3D has been updated with new shaders, geometry shaders has been added, particle simulations, volumetric rendering, new optimization rules for the node optimizer, video textures etc...

The version 2.x is used in the next generation of Saab Training Systems AB Combat Training Centre Software.



1 Jan 2007


Saab Training Systems AB has decided to develop GizmoSDK internally and not release it to public community during a period when the API will be updated.



15 March 2006

GizmoSDK 1.3.20

We have finally finished the new TerraPage manager that were introduced in 1.3.16. The new manager allows us to use multiple TerraPage databases distributed on multiple hosts. The databases tiles can be read asynchronous from hosts using UDP/TCP that allows us to use HUGE databases in real time. The manager/loader is one of the fastest TerraPage solutions on the market today.

The manager is rewritten with a new gzSpatialIterator template that allows us to iterate over several thousand tiles without performance loss. This allows us to scale up the database size without performance loss as the load is constant. The gzROI class handles multiple TerraPage databases so the entire world or even space objects can be rendered in one scene. Test our small sample viewer.

We have also updated the gzFont system so we can use TRUE antaliased fonts, directional rendering, object space aligned rendering etc.

GizmoBase now includes a new XML reader/writer with SAX and DOM interfaces. New features for cached data reading/writing. New templates etc.

GizmoDistribution has a lot of new features and improvements.

Old News...

11 February 2005

SGPV (Scene Graph Property Viewer) is our new framework to edit the Gizmo3D Scene Graph. It is a GUI billboard application that allows components to register GUIs, menues, popups, Bitmaps etc. so they can be displayed in a stand alone framework. The SGPV app uses the CCT (Contents Creation Toolkit) components to display scene graph properties like hierarchy, states, shaders, textures, material etc. The CCT components can also be used within 3D Studio, Maya and even in your own stand alone Gizmo3D application to edit your scene and debug traversals, states, texture load, optimizations etc.



The Image below shows an external application being debugged using the CCT components in SGPV. Easy to find performance bottlenecks and view/edit your application scene graph data in real time.


11 February 2005

Test Tool Suite (vs6,vs7,examples)
We have released a set of test tool that integrates with Rationals product line as well with our GizmoSDK tools. The tools allows us to manage automated testings for our plugin (gzModule) architechture.


31 January 2005

License Server Utility
We have released a license server utility that will allow all GizmoSDK applications to use network licenses. License information can be upgraded in runtime and multiple servers can be used to allow server crash recovery without need to restart applications. It will also allow you to monitor running applications and to check number of pending licenses.


10th October 2004

New Jeep Demo
Shows integration between Gizmo3D scene graph and Meqon physics engine.
Download demo here.