Welcome to GizmoSDK !

GizmoSDK provides a top quality software development kit. It can be used in a variety of demanding application development projects.

The SDK will give you a set of components that are uniform and well integrated in an open architecture. You will be able to develop advanced software in a short time and produce robust and high quality code, as the components are thoroughly tested and verified in our product test line and by our customers.

GizmoSDK simplifies large team development projects and supports process methodology standards.

GizmoSDK is platform independent and integrates with various GUI subsystems.
Write once and run almost anywhere. Go to our download and give it a try !



10 July 2013
GizmoSDK 2.7.0:
Saab OpenSource is now responsible for GizmoSDK developent on

20 Sept 2012
* Rapid Mapping gen III Support

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